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 Web Development:

                       JTMSoft Website Designers are one of the established Web Designers and E-business specialists. With Website design, Content management, Ecommerce Business Solutions and Search Engine Optimisation services, we also offer help to the small business and charities and can provide cost effective starter sites, content management systems, shopping carts, as well as business hosting and domain name registration.
           Our purpose is to help organisations and businesses improve their use of Information Technology . Our special focus is connecting businesses with the Internet - designing, developing and hosting Web Sites, and building Web business applications. We look at the wider picture - not quick-fix solutions.
           JTMSoft works with you to build a Web Site or Web business application that meets your exact business requirements and delivers real business benefits. As web designers and e-commerce specialists, we have always had a determination to help our clients succeed. We know that successful business web sites or e-commerce (such as shopping carts) are dependent on a great deal more than just glossy facades.

Our Services
* Complete web hosting service and E-mail provision.
* Domain registrations - Availability Check (whois).
* Site revamps and makeovers.
* E-business Solutions & Shopping Carts.
* Small Business - Cost Effective Starter Web Sites.
* Web Site Sponsors & Sponsorship.
* Internet Marketing.
* 360 degree panoramic photo images service.
* Friendly team committed to making your site a success.

LAMP StackLAMP Stack

Also known as Linux Apache PHP & mySQL to the non-techies. It's called a LAMP stack because it is comprised of all Open Source software. The majority of our web applications are coded using LAMP technologies because they have excellent reliability, can be run on the majority of servers, is cost effective and can easily be updated.

This is an open source database used by small and large websites alike. Praised for its scalability and ability to handle heavy traffic sites, mySQL is often the database technology of choice for Web 2.0 sites and small start up businesses.

Interestingly, Python is the language of choice for the web's darling company Google. A desktop based language, it can also be used to create web based applications if servers support it.

Not a programming language in its own right, it is a combination of technologies that gives added interactivity to a website and increases a user's experience. It is mostly used for features that can be considered as 'cool' rather than add anything substantial to a site. Most Web 2.0 sites make heavy use of AJAX to give them that 'cool' feel.

Microsofts own version of the Structured Query Language database. It is not to be confused with the open source mySQL. MS SQL is used primarily in conjunction with web applications running .NET

 Animation Designing:
           At JTMSoft we add animation and interactivity to our clients' websites, using Flash. Our Flash files are optimized for the web for quick loading time. Besides the familiar Flash intro, we can use Flash to do so much more for our clients - to create interesting product demos, to add interest and movement to an otherwise static page, to describe a process in an interactive way. Beside animation designing for the websites we also design animated Logo's and Banners.


Video Editing:
         Our Video Editing Team is responsible for editing all content captured by digital and a production pipeline. Using Professional Software and Hardware, the editors  work both online and offline with the production teams and the tech teams to deliver “final cuts” of the footage needed to complete all the scheduled projects for 2005.
net is widely regarded as the finest digital video training organization in the world.
         Our targets includes achieving Hollywood level, world class quality results from digital video studio by providing clear, to-the-point, expert training and resources on every aspect of the DV creation process- from shooting and lighting through editing, post-production visuals and audio, and delivery on DVD, CD, and VHS.
From our professional video and film production experience, we’ve completed many unique and  different functions. Due to production knowledge JTMSoft Video Editing Team achieves spectacular, world class results from inexpensive, leading edge DV camcorders, hardware and software.


 Our Projects




Javed Tariq


Administrator and Developer.

BSc (Hons) Information Technology.

Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP).
CMS Specialist (Open Source )
Linux Network engineer.

Uchilass Islamgarh, Mirpur.
Azad Kashmir, Pakistan


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